Let's Make a Book!

California Creativity Programs

Inspiring young participants to use their imaginations, explore, participate and create!

California Ecology Programs

Encouraging children and teens to be Ambassadors  for the environment in their homes and schools!

Syrian Refugee Programs

Supporting refugee schools and sharing the stories of Syrian children!

Let’s Make a Book aims to promote creativity and healthy self-expression through guiding children to use their imaginations, create and thrive in an alternative extra-curricular learning environment.

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First Monterey Initiative to support Syria’s Refugees

All Money Raised will Support

Let’s Make a Book’s

Syrian Refugee Program!

Our Opening Reception was a success!

There is still time to bid.

The auction continues onine until 1:30pm Sunday, Feb 5 and closes on site from 12-2pm at  All Saints Church Main Hall on the corner of Lincoln and 9th in Carmel.


Additional Photography by Ulf Björe here.




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